Landlord forces female tenant to have S-E-X with his friend or LEAVE!!!


36 year old Nelisiwe Nkabinde said she always paid her rent on the first of the month and never defaulted – but her Landlord still demanded that she leave.

“I refused to have s-e-x with his friend and that’s why he wants me to leave,” claims Nelisiwe, who rented a back room from Bongani Mbatha in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni South Africa.

“I was stranded. I didn’t know where to go,” said Nelisiwe, who has an eight-year-old son and a disabled 17-year-old daughter. She said she moved into the room in August last year.

Nelisiwe Nkabinde
Nelisiwe Nkabinde refused to POKE!!

“He had no problem with me moving in,” she said.

But after two weeks Bongani invited Nelisiwe and her friend for drinks.

Later that night, the Landlord called her outside.

“He told me that I must sleep with his friend and he’d sleep with my friend,” said Nelisiwe.

“I called my friend and she told me he had told her the same thing.”

Nelisiwe ignored Bongani’s request and went to bed but soon afterwards Bongani’s friend allegedly started demanding that the Landlord kick Nelisiwe out.

“Bongani started telling me that he doesn’t want to see any man walking into my room.

“Then in September he told me that since I refused to let his friend poke me, I would have to find another place to stay,” Nelisiwe said.

Bongani denied everything.

“She’s lying. She didn’t even tell me she was leaving. As far as I know, she’s dating my friend,” he said.

In the meantime Nelisiwe has found another room where she is not expected to sleep with anybody.