Kadoma’s Specks Hotel now a house of Mahure or Hookerz


Kadoma’s Specks Hotel now a house of Mahure or Hookerz. A walk in the dusty town of the Gold City of Kadoma town led me one of the night spots in the City.

Source: Richard Muzavi

I drive a truck from Chinhoyi to South Africa and so most of the time i get my diesel and pick up people at Waverly bus stop. I decided to park there a few weeks ago and sleep as i was tired. But when i tried to sleep i couldn’t, i felt bored and so i decided to hit the small town. I walked into town and followed the music until i found the source. It was at Speck Hotel and some DJ Walle was playing local music. Men were there around pool tables and what caught my eye was the amount of women there that were dressed in very short skirts that left you wanting to check out more.

The number of thigh vendors there outnumbered the number of men there. I wondered, does Kadoma lack men? Also i wondered, is this the same Specks Hotel we knew in the day or its just now more like a brothell. I bought myself 1 beer and sat there watching girls disappearing with men to one of the room and coming out minutes later. Some men would just drive there and talk to a women and she would get into the car and there drive towards the Driving School training grounds where its dark so as to handle business without accommodation costs.

I decided to get my info right and confirmed so i spoke to one slim lady there named Memo i think. I was told since it was a slow night i can get a round for $4 and an all nighter for $35. I asked about accommodation and she told me that she comes from Chinhoyi as well but comes to work at the famous Specks Hotel Musha weMahure.

With economic hardships in the country, i don’t blame these girls, its a means of survival i guess. So i offered to buy her a coke and i went back to the pool tables. Are things ever going to get better in our lovely Zimbabwe? I wondered as i was walking to another Night Spot in Kadoma…..