Justin Bieber had to fight his way through security guard to get to Mayweather


Justin Bieber had to square off with a ringside security guard just so he could get to his pal Floyd Mayweather Jr. to celebrate his victory.

The video is kinda bizarre … since everyone knows Justin and Floyd are as tight as can be — but one security guard apparently missed Bieber walking … INTO THE RING with the champ.

Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber
Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber in the back ground

Witnesses tell us Justin was actually in the ring until police politely asked him to step out during post-fight ceremonies. The video begins as Bieber tries to get back in, only to have the guard stand his ground and bark …”You wanna be escorted out in handcuffs, young man?”

Credit to Justin for NOT playing the “Don’t you know who I am” card, even though he’d be justified in this case.