Jonathan Moyo is a thief-Mushowe


Christopher Mushohwe has declared that Cabinet ministers who are criticizing government sponsored Command Agriculture project are thieves placing Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo at the heart of the accusation.

Moyo has been in the forefront in attacking the controversial project.

Jonathan Moyo

Mushohwe told editors in Harare that “I am telling you that Command Agriculture is a Government policy. Anybody who says anything otherwise is sharing his or her personal opinion and not Government policy.

“Those who say Command Agriculture is being run by thieves, are the thieves themselves,” he said.

Moyo has a well documented history of attacking the project on his twitter account.

On March 6 following a story published in The Herald, Moyo wrote on his Twitter handle: “Report by @Herald Zimbabwe that ‘Command Agric exceeds target’ is at best premature & at worst needlessly false!”

He went on to post on March 10 that “1 /2: Maize is on 1,3m ha: 1,1m is Presidential Input Scheme; 153,102.60ha is Command Agriculture & the rest private!”

Moyo on the same date added “2 /2: Command Agriculture targeted 400 000ha, but contracted 247 035ha of which 191 124ha (77 percent) were tilled & 153 102,60ha (61 percent) were planted on!”

On March 11, he also wrote that, “Command is a tried & tested military concept. It is also a great in programming. But in civil matters command is an oxymoron & non- starter!”