Jah Prayzah, Roki were DUMPED by Ammara because they have small ones &couldn’t make her SCREAM during S E X


Ammara Brown’s latest revelation on her desire for a strong s-exual intercourse has exposed Zimbabwe’s top musicians Roki and Jah Prayzah failure to win her.

The disclosure has let the cat out of the bag for the two popular musicians. Rockford Josphat, popularly known as Roki, was dropped from the love nest after failing Ammara’s basic examination between in the bedroom. Now that Zimbabwe’s current favourite Jah Prayzah is also out after attempts to win the daughter of late Andy Brown, reveals the status of his manhood.

Zimbabwean musicians or celebs hardly let slip details about their private lives, let alone what they do or favour when they are with their partners between the sheets.

The s e x lives of Zimbabwe’s most popular sons and daughters are usually an affair closed to most prying eyes with details of their private lives a closely guarded secret that only a handful will be in the know.

jah prayzah and ammara brownBut not Ammara Brown, who is seemingly not interested in receiving a sweet covered in its plastic. Last week, the songbird caused minor agitation on Twitter when she let loose some of the ‘s-exual settings’ that she prefers when it comes to being ‘sexually serviced’, or “sampling men’s strength in bed”.

The outspoken Ammara who recently broke up with skirt chaser Roki, and also rumoured to have dated Jah Prayzah, has never been one to hide what’s on her mind.

Ammara has said that she would never consider getting married to a partner that she has not had some prior s e x experience with as she likes to know what she will get in the sack before settling.

“If you don’t believe in s e x before marriage, cool, but I am not going to find out after we are married that you suck in bed. I test drive the car first. One guy said to me, Ammara, I don’t believe in s e x before marriage’ and I was like, in that case, I am your worst nightmare. #NEXT!” she tweeted.

The Afro Jazz singer then let those hoping to get a chance with her, know that they have to drop eating pork.
She said that she had once driven a partner to vomit it out before they poked. “I won’t even kiss you after you eat PORK! Honestly. One lover even vomited it out because I refused to shag him with the pork in his system,” she posted.

The songbird also revealed, during the Twitter tirade that some lovers had tried to get her to put her career second when the time for marriage came. She refused because she believed in following her passion.

She added that some were only interested in bedding her because of the potential status that might come from being intimate with her.