Inmate in court after he sodomised fellow Prisoner


A Harare Central Prison inmate appeared in court yesterday facing charges of sodomising a 27-year-old fellow prisoner.
Clayton Motsi appeared before magistrate Sandra Mupindu, who remanded him to November 20 for trial continuation.

The State led by Gwinyai Shumba alleged that on September 22 this year, Motsi and the complainant were sharing cell number 35 D Hall at Harare Central Prison, when the latter was awoken at 3am, as the accused was sodomising him.

The complainant realised that Motsi had pulled down his shorts and underwear and asked why he was sodomising him.

Motsi begged him to keep quite so that a fellow inmate, who was in the same cell would not hear what was happening.

It is the State case that Motsi reportedly asked the complainant that the matter should remain between the two of them.


But the complainant reportedly grabbed Motsi’s manhood and shouted for help waking up the other prisoner, identified as Sigauke.

According to the State, Motsi reportedly pretended he was fast asleep, but the complainant said he would report the matter to prison officials.

The complainant then spent the rest of the night tucked in a corner behind Sigauke.

In the morning, Motsi approached Sigauke and pleaded with him to apologise on his behalf to the complainant, but he refused and the matter was reported to prison authorities.

On October 9, Motsi was then asked to see the prison officer-in-charge, but refused, saying he was committed as a way of buying time to apologise.

The next day he sent Sigauke again to negotiate, but the complainant refused before the matter was reported to the police.