“I am weak in bed and need help,” reveals pastor Mugadza


Pastor Philip Patrick Mugadza, said his marriage is on the verge of collapse because he has become so “weak” in bed that he can no longer to satisfy his young wife.

Mugadza said prayer had failed to arouse his “se_xual feelings” and “er_ection” and now he wants ordinary people to advise him how to save his three year old marriage.pastor-mugadza


According to him, he has now gone to the extent of making love to his wife by “time table” such as three days a week and at stipulated times but he sometimes fails to perform.

Mugadza, a Pastor with Remnant Church, said he is so much seized with the situation currently prevailing in the country- be it political or economic-to the extent that most of the times he will be “off se_x”.

The cleric’s confession comes days after he accused his wife of attempted rape and reported her to Glen View Police Station. He said he has now decided to come out in the open because he is looking for help.

“It is uncommon to hear a man coming out in the open and pleading for help,” Mugadza said in an interview Monday in Harare.

“I have tried all means to be active in bed but failed; maybe there are other men who have been in my situation and got help,” he said.

Mugadza added, “honestly speaking prayer and counselling have not worked, it needs being practical.”

Commenting on where his weakness was coming from, Mugadza said he is easily affected “by issues”.

“If things go wrong, my se_xual desires die down,” he said.

However Mugadza said during his first years of marriage he would go for an hour making love to his wife, but gone were the days.

Mugadza made news headlines a few years ago when he staged a one man demo againt Mugabe in the resort town of Victoria Falls during the Zanu PF’s national people’s congress.

He was later to later chain himself to a pole in central Harare holding a cross praying for the nation.

Months later, he announced that he was going to spend 40 days and 40 nights at the Africa Unity Square fasting for the suffering Zimbabweans and calling on Mugabe to go.

Pastor Mugadza was later arrested early this year and spent 53 days in Remand Prison after he allegedly gave a prophecy that Mugabe was going to die on the 17th of October this year.