A woman from Harare was last Friday granted a protection order against her husband who physically abused her over her grown up children who he claimed had attained the age of 18 and, therefore, should leave his home.

Patience Nyamuza told Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko, that prior to getting married to Edgar Chibanda, she had her own children which the latter accepted to look after, but of late, he had become a “monster” to them.

Nyamuza told the court that she was always at the receiving end each time they talked about her children.

In response to the application, Chibanda said he was bitter because they had initially agreed that when the children attained the age of 18 they would go to their biological father or find their own means of survival.

“I am opposed to the granting of the order because I cannot keep on looking after those children, they are above 18 now and as per our agreement they should go,” Chibanda said.

However, Mateko ruled against Chibanda for arguing with the court and not paying attention to the provisions of a protection order.

man beats wife
Man beating up wife, file picture

“I am not determining whether the children should leave or stay. That is not the issue today. The application before me is for a protection order,” Mateko said.

“You are not listening to the court and your tone is evident of potential abuse, I proceed to grant the order.”