A Harare man is selling off family property to spite wife. Kennedy Mufutumari has sold 96 cattle, a house, a vehicle and farm machinery as he tried to dump his wife.

His wife, Mavis who was seeking a protection order, told Harare Civil Court magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa that Kennedy, besides disposing of their matrimonial property, married a second woman breaching provisions of their own under section 5.11 of the Marriage Act.

“My husband is disposing of our matrimonial property and has sold 96 cattle, our car, our house and farm equipment among other things without consulting me, and he is saying he will not stop until I vacate our matrimonial house,” Mavis said.“He says I have no control over the property and he has the right to do whatever he wants with it. I think he used some of the money to marry a second wife, but I do not know what he is doing with the rest of the money.

“He also physically and verbally abuses me in front of our children and he does not respect me as his wife. My children and I are slowly becoming destitute due to his uncanny behaviour as he does not even provide for us,” she said.

Kennedy admitted selling the cattle and disposing of the property. He told the court that he sold the property in order to build a house in Marlborough where he had acquired a residential stand.

“I only sold 18 cattle because I wanted to build a house at our stand in Marlborough, the others (cattle) died,” said Kennedy. He also denied abusing her. Mrs Gofa ordered Kennedy to stop abusing Mavis in any way and to refrain from disposing of their matrimonial property without her consent.