Helping Hand to give farmers vouchers, aid totaling R625,000 during drought crisis


Solidarity Helping Hand announced on Thursday that an amount of R625,000 has been made available to help farmers through the drought crisis.

The amount consists of R100,000 in vouchers for food and R525,000 that has been made available in the Disaster Area Study fund.

Helping Hand CEO Danie Brink said the organisation was deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis affecting farmers in the country side.

“We offer support through TAU SA’s branches in the form of a R100,000 voucher for food purchases to be used according to a needs assessment,” Brink said in a statement.

Brink added that the farmers were essential to South Africa’s economy and that they also played an integral role when it came to food security.

“The farmers are quick to help other people as it is in their nature. During the humanitarian challenges, such as the suffering caused in 2014 by the AMCU-strikes in Rustenburg, farmers supplied 150 tons of food for people in need.”

A call was also made for other organisations to contribute, “since the crisis can hold drastic consequences for the country’s food supply and also the pockets of consumers”.