Harare PUNANI Worker Pamela Melody Hamandawa describes the Size of Magistrate’s Manhood


A HARARE woman facing charges of robbing Gokwe magistrate, Shephered Munjanja, embarrassed him Friday after she revealed intimate details including the alleged size of his manhood. The court session had no shortage of embarrassing moments as s.ex worker Pamela Melody Hamandawa explained what happened on the day in question.

The woman took her time while giving evidence and pose questions at the magistrate who was at pains to explain his side of the story.Hamandawa denied the charges and went on to state that Munjanja owed her $27.

She broke it down as $15 for performing oral s.ex on the magistrate, $5 for short time s.exual intercourse and $10 room service.

Hamandawa said she was only paid $3.

“He was passing by the road in his car and asked the cost of a short time s.ex session. I told him it was $10 but he said he only had $5 and I agreed,” she explained.

“We proceeded to my room where he requested that I suck his dick first as he could not get an erection when with another women not his wife and I sucked his very small p.enis so that he could get an erection.

“I then told him that b.low job and s.exual intercourse would cost him $20 and he agreed saying he would withdraw money from his bank account as had no a single penny left on him.”

The court heard the two then had s.ex and while the magistrate was still on top of the hooker, another s.ex worker knocked on the door accusing Hamandawa of snatching her client.Hamandawa said the girl also shouted that the magistrate would always request a threesome each time he hired her.

She said the girl then begged to be let inside so that they could do a threesome but she declined.While the magistrate alleges that he was forced to give up his belongings, the hooker told court that he personally surrendered them to her as surety.

She said the magistrate trusted her with his belongings as he once hired her before.Hamandawa also told court that Munjanja wrote the docket himself and told her that she could go to jail.She added that he told officers at Harare Central Police Station that if she reimbursed him his money she would be freed.

The hooker was made to pay $40 which was not receipted and was released but the police returned for her the following day.For his part when called to the witness stand,Munjanja said he had arrived from Gokwe around 6 am that day.

He dropped his pastor,Reverend R Shumba and other two church mates in Mbare where they were going to have a meeting.
The magistrate said his other mission was to get tyres for his car before the meeting so he rushed from Mbare,through the Central Business District to the Avenues area to get the tyres.

Court heard that he found the shop at Corner Seventh and Central Avenue, where he wanted to purchase the tyres closed so he had to wait.However, Hamandawa interjected and told the court that there were no shops around that area except for a bar behind Treckered Court where prostitutes reside.

The magistrate then narrated that he was then approached by a man who lured him to the flat saying he had tyres which fit on his car.Munjanja said when they approached second floor the man then pushed him inside the room where he met his robbers.

He said he was assaulted by three women and two men adding that they accused him of being a rapist before taking his belongings.The attackers then allegedly took him prisoner and accompanied him to his bank to withdraw cash.

When cross examination time came, the magistrate got the shock of his life and went mute after the hooker asked him why he thought he would get spares for his car at a flat packed with semi-naked women.

Munjanja later responded saying he never saw any semi-naked women outside but only vehicles parked in front of the car.Hamandawa also asked him why he only implicated her in the robbery and assault charges when he was confronted by three women and other men.

Trial continues on November 10.