Harare Man electrocuted while stealing transformer oil – Disturbing Picture


This man was electrocuted in the early hours of yesterday while attempting to steal oil from a transformer at a Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company substation in Glenview Area 8.

The incident occurred near a house along Fourth Circle. ZETDC chief loss control officer Mr Rangenos Chihanga said they had received notification of electrical disturbances prior to the incident.

Harare Man electrocuted while stealing transformer oil“What happened is that during the night, our loss control staff received a notification of electrical disturbances and then rushed to the scene and discovered that a male adult was already inside a substation and had been electrocuted,” he said.

Another source said :

“Nasvikako kuglen view sisi its true zviri kunzi anga ane vamwe saka pavaona kuti ma1 atanga vadedzera kuti mbavha bvavatiza.”

Source: Sisi Vee, Zimetro