Harare Businessman Albert Ndabambi and 3 WOMEN CAUGHT IN HOTEL ROOM


A Harare businessman, Albert Ndabambi blew a fuse when three women he had invited to his hotel room in Bulawayo tried to steal from him.

Ndabambi said he invited the three girls, namely Belinda Nkiwane, Mary Nyoni and one identified only as Sasha, to have drinks in his suite. “I considered her my friend (Nkiwane), she came to my hotel room with her friends.

I was tired so I went to the bedroom and slept. After an hour they (three girls) came to my side of the room and I heard them open the door thinking that I was sleeping.

They asked each other where I hide my money. They then took my car keys, went to check in the car where they found nothing. When they came back, they discovered that I had money in my wallet. I told them to give me my wallet back and chased them away,” he said.

Ndabambi allegedly blew his fuse, jumped from his bed to deliver the beating of a lifetime, as the girls fled the room for dear life. “He woke up drunk and started accusing us of stealing from him. We asked him for transport money, that is all we did because we did not want to do what he wanted us to. From nowhere, he started assaulting us and we left the room running away,” said Nkiwane.

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Nkiwane also revealed that she was linked to Ndabambi by another Harare City official, Tendai Kwenda. “I dated his friend Kwenda, that is how I got to know him. Since Ndabambi was in town he wanted me to bring him some company,” said Nkiwane.

When the girls fled from the room they left behind their bags. One of them was reportedly half­dressed as such, they got grounded by the hotel entrance.

“We went back to get our bags and I am the one who insisted that the matter be taken to the police,” said one of the girls, Mary. They did not just get back to the room, they had to get hotel security as reinforcement. “We went back and he even shouted at the hotel guard.

It was getting out of hand so we went to Central Police Station,” added Nkiwane. Ndabambi opened a case against the girls which led to them spending the rest of the night in custody.

However, because he feared it would blow out of proportion the Harare tycoon withdrew the case. “I was not angry about the money. I only had $800 but it is about trust. I did not sleep with any of them!

I was extremely angry when I made the report,” Ndabambi said Ndabambi had come to Bulawayo for his uncle’s funeral and the hotel chill session was to cap the day. The hotel suite that had been booked is a fifth floor luxury pad with a bedroom, dining room and a lounge.