Gringo: “All the people who are saying I am dead are satanists”


Popular comedian Lazarus Boora, fondly known as Gringo, says he will be bouncing back soon. He is working on three projects.gringo

The Hatfield-based comedian said that he has three scripts, which will hit the market soon. He also scoffed at his death rumours circulating on social media.

In an interview, Gringo said: “All the people who are saying I am dead are satanists, how can they wish me to die? I am there kicking and fine.

“I was shocked to receive such news and if you have time feel free to visit me. I am fine and I go to my work.

“It’s better if people tell me they want new stuff rather than spreading malicious news.”

He added: “I have three scripts which I am working right now. I am only looking for the money, as soon as I get it I will drop my offering.

“A drama is different from Zim dancehall where you can just go on your laptop and produce a song.

“To have a drama series requires a lot of things like cameras and other things. I am sure the offering will win hearts of many just like my previous stuff.”