Grace Mugabe says she does not lead any faction at all


Zimbabwe First Lady, Grace Mugabe says she does not lead any faction at all. “They (private media) say Mai Mugabe has a faction,” she said.

“Where is the faction? I am ZanuPF 500 percent. I sleep, eat ZanuPF and my clothes are Zanu­PF. I do not understand these people (journalists). I think they need a psychologist to see if they are not insane.

People voted us to work and I will just work, work and work for the people of Zimbabwe.” She added: “I will not stop working for Zanu­PF because I stay with a hero (President Mugabe) and I work with big heroes.

That is where I get direction. As long as I have energy, I will continue working and connecting with people kusvika vaputika matumbu iwayo.

Chokwadi kusvika 2018 vanhu vachashamisika kuti muchembere uyu akambenge arikupi. It is a free Zimbabwe and you can go wherever you want to go.” She said while media diversity was needed, it should be coupled with responsible journalism not “silly articles.”“They said I am giving people the goods as a way of buying votes,” Amai Mugabe said.

‘Hazvina basa kana ndikakutenga ukandivhotera its okay. It is better to vote for someone who gives you something than someone who does not. We do not want senseless and nonsensical articles, stooping that low. “Journalists do not stoop that low, you are educated people. Please be constructive and I am not saying do not criticise when I go wrong but do not just write silly things.

We also want to read your papers but we are fed up. We cannot read them because you produce rubbish,” she charged.

The First Lady went on: “If I am away they say she is in the intensive care unit and if I do not come to meet the people they say I do not like the people. What do you want me to do? I cannot just sit in the State House polishing my nails while people are starving. I come and take people’s messages to their President.

That is my duty.” Anyone with the desire to lead the party, she said, should have patience and wait to be given the mandate by the people at the right time (congress). “You should not go in front, let the people see your deeds and be satisfied before choosing you,” she said. “Do not impose yourself.

For now, we have got a mandate to implement Zim­Asset and let us concentrate on that because people are waiting.” Mugabe said those reviving factionalism in the revolutionary party should know that it was “cold outside ZanuPF.” “Kana usiri muZanu­PF kunze uku kunotonhora, unogara wakapfeka zibhachi,” she said.

“Have you ever seen anyone who survived after leaving Zanu­PF. Ukange wangobuda muZanu­PF chete wapera, waenda, wabvaruka, wava mvemve. “If you are clever you quickly apologise and you will be forgiven. Some of those punished last year are with us today.

Look at the trend, everyone who has started a party goes nowhere.” Former Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Nicholas Goche and former Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs deputy minister Fortune Chasi, who were suspended from the party, attended yesterday’s rally.

In apparent reference to sacked former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru, Amai Mugabe said war credentials alone were not enough to save factional and wayward members from being thrown out of the revolutionary party.

Mugabe said politics in Zanu­PF was all about working for the people and her countrywide tours were driven by the desire to serve the people, adding that private media reports were driven by malice.