Gonyeti – Men Are A Problem, My Whatsapp Is Full Of Messages Of Men Proposing Me


Gonyeti manager Fielder Muchabaiwa has revealed that men are pestering her client and she is committed to blocking them to keep the singer focused. Mother Flo, as she is popularly known, has indicated that she will not give up shielding the cute and chubby singer, who broke away from Jah Prayzah to start her own group.

She also took the opportunity to hint that Jah Prayzah faced similar problems at the same stage when she was also advising the Mudhara vachauya- Hitmaker.



“Whenever we are playing around Zimbabwe, men are a problem. My whatsapp has messages of men coming through me, seriously proposing to Gonyeti. They are all ever asking, Gonyeti are you married? Do you have a fiancé? Can I love and marry you? To them I say please Gonyeti is still young, kugeza chete. Rinogezaka riya, haurione? She showers twice per day,” Mother Flo said.

“Gonyeti is still very young, kamwana kaya. I am presently twisting her ears daily as a mother. The same I used to do with Mukudzeyi (Jah Prayzah), hazvina kumbosiyana. And this is what I used to do with him, kutswinya nzeve daily,” she added.

Mother Flo also revealed Gonyeti was considering a serious relationship. Recently, I asked her about her affair and she said she is somehow considering a certain fiancé. It is an issue of discipline for someone to be finally there on top. Ndokuti zvinhu zvacho zvifambe. Jah was a child too then and Gonyeti is still a child too. It has to be a mother and child relationship”.

She says for her role to succeed, she has become more of a mother. We live at my house and I provide everything as a mother, the same I used to do with my son Mukudzei (Jah Prayzah) she doesn’t even move around without notifying me as her mother and she is so disciplined.

She is as disciplined like her brother Mukudzei. Jah listened to me. That is why he is where he is now. Isoja rinosvika kure for real. Just wait and see vana vangu vakapfura nemumawoko mangu umu havanyadzise in God’s name.

It’s my talent, I was born with that, I scout, mentor and propel kings. Kings are born, same with their mothers and mentors. Mother Flo believes Gonyeti will make the breakthrough. Just wait for Gonyeti this season. It is all about discipline. To grow up you need discipline,” she said.