Girl broke into Nasty C’s bedroom and start taking pictures of him


Nasty C is a really chilled guy who would bend over backwards for his fans, but not if you catch him off guard.

One fan found that out the hard way when she thought it would be clever to sneak into the rapper’s room uninvited and start taking pictures of him.nasty+cNasty C explains how he had returned home from and gone to sleep, only to be woken a few hours later by the flash of a camera.

“I was sharing a place with some friends at the time. I didn’t lock the door because I didn’t think that I would be disturbed but this girl came into my room one night and pulled the blankets off of my face while I was sleeping and started taking pictures,” Nasty C said.

He said that once he got over the shock he grabbed the phone and broke it. “That was my first reaction, I was angry. I didn’t have to pay her back or buy her a new phone because I think we both knew that what she had done was wrong,” Nasty C added.

Nasty C said that he thought the girl might have come home with one of his friends at the time.