Ghost Baboon causes chaos for Tatus Nyabani and Sheila Mokhomola


There’s no rest for lovers Tatus Nyabani and Sheila Mokhomola (52), thanks to a “ghost baboon”!

“We were sad when our neighbours died seven years ago,” Tatus (71) of Soweto’s Snake Park block 2 said yesterday.

“But we think they left a giant baboon! Now it’s terrorising us.”

“We are woken at 3am every day by sounds of hell,” said Tatus.

Something bangs on their shack door and drags a chain. “We sweat with fear, but we see nothing outside.

The jumpy couple said the banging is getting worse and their baby daughter screams her head off.

But when Tatus went out to face the thing it ran to the neighbours’ shack, which had been locked since they died.

“Now it all makes sense,” he said.

“This thing is lonely! I think it’s looking for people to love and take care of it like its owners did.” But Tatus said they had no room in their little shack.

Neighbour Sizwe Mahlangu (42) said: “Every day at 3am we hear something dragging a chain, and the dogs bark.

“It ruins our nights. We’re always tired.” He said the couple should get help from their late neighbour’s family or a powerful sangoma. “Then we won’t need to open the shack and burn it.”

) Sangoma Jabulani Mthimkhulu said: “They should try to find the relatives of the deceased and open the shack in their presence – or consult a powerful sangoma to chase the ghost away.

“When the sangoma does his thing the ghost baboon will go and there will be no need to open the shack and burn it.”