Geraldine Baye FINGERS Miss Joe for Leaked Sp-erm & Feaces WhatsApp CHAT


Geraldine Baye BLAMES Miss Joe for Leaked Sp-erm & Feaces CHAT. Just a few days after Geraldine Baye declared that she found love in a Facebook Group, her chats were eposed on how she found that LOVE. Here is the picture that Geraldine Baye posted on the 15th of September in a Facebook Group…

geraldine baye found love

She declared that she found love but a few days later we learnt how she used a SEKURU or Sangoma to get Ishmael. But According to Geraldine’s Facebook posts, its Miss Joe who is to Blame for the leaked chats… In case you don’t know Miss Joe, here is here picture…

Miss Joe
Miss Joe

Miss Joe

So Geraldine Baye blames the girl above for the leaked chats. According to social media Baye and Miss Joe have one thing in common and that is Ishmael’s Money. They were both girlfriends to the RICH MAN who is now known for his womanising.

So Geraldine claims that only Miss Joe could have leaked the chats as they had a recent fight on social media and obviously the fight was about Ishmael Matyenyika.

More to come… The Scandal Continues