Four exorcism ritual killers unrepentant


The four women convicted for killing their 14-year-old relative by pulling her intestines through her vagina are not remorseful for their actions, the Durban High Court heard yesterday.

Two social workers told the court the accused were unrepentant and were instead blaming the “dark cloud and demonic spirits” that had descended over them when they committed the murder.

Social worker Makhosazane Mantantana, who interviewed first accused Fundiswa Faku, 33, who was the girl’s aunt, testified she had regretted the death but insisted it was not her fault.

“I asked her whether she regretted her actions of having killed a child, she told me that she wasn’t herself, and that the demons made her kill the child.

“She said because she had not intended to cause death to the teenager, she cannot be remorseful,” testified Mantantana.

Faku’s legal counsel Pregasen Marimuthu asked why Mantantana had recommended that the accused be given direct imprisonment in her report?

“Correctional supervision is not ideal because of the nature of crime committed. The fact that the accused maintains her innocence poses danger that she might re-commit the same crime,” Mantantana told Judge Phillip Nkosi.

Her testimony was supported by that of another social worker, Thobile Sokhela, who interviewed accused number two, Lindelwa Jalubane, 38, who is Faku’s older sister. She said Jalubane also maintained her innocence and said they were not in their normal sense when they killed the girl.

Marimuthu requested a non-custodial sentence for Faku because she supports six children and never intended to kill the teen. But Nkosi was not convinced, saying the accused had not testified to tell her side of the story.

“The problem I have is that she refused to testify and shed light on what was going through her mind. On what basis can we be certain that she won’t repeat the same? And what if she does this to her own children?” asked Nkosi.

Nireshen Singh, lawyer for Jalubane and her two daughters Nokubonga Jalubane, 22, and Minenhle Jalubane, 19, also asked that the three not be sent to jail.

He said the daughters were busy with their higher education studies and would be an asset to society. However, prosecutor Noxolo Dube said if the accused were given a suspended sentence it would not be in the interest of justice.

“In prisons, inmates are afforded the opportunity to study. The teenager they killed would be 18 today… and would also be at tertiary.”

The four murdered Snethemba Dlamini in an exorcism ritual by cutting her vagina and pulling out her intestines. They had accused her of being a devil worshiper.

Sentencing of the four is expected today.