Forbes Magazine LIED – Prophet Magaya HEALED ME!!!


The South African man who was reported to have reached for his oxygen mask again after Prophet Walter Magaya’s miracle faded has been flown to Harare where he denied the Forbes Africa story. PHD Ministries said :”When God says “You are healed” no man can say, “you are not”. The man who Forbes Magazine claimed was not healed (Johan Fourie) is at the Arena and hub of liberty for the glory of God Almighty.

Forbes Magazine LIED - Prophet Magaya HEALED ME!!!

He denies ever being interviewed by any media house and was shocked to see a story in the magazine.

He has come to prove to the world that he is indeed healed and living without the oxygen mask and tank. “When I heard about PHD Ministries I was very sick and suffering. I could not even walk by myself let alone breathe” said Johan Fourie.

He was healed 100% at the South African crusade and is still healed for the glory of God. We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.”

Johan Fourie healed by magaya