First Lady Grace Mugabe beat up girl living with son’s in South Africa


The First Lady Grace Mugabe is alleged to have beaten up an unnamed girl living with her sons in South Africa according to leaked information from sources.

First Lady Grace Mugabe did not attend the youth rally in Matebeleland South on Saturday, hardly two weeks after she raffled feathers with senior party officials including Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and her husband’s spokesman George Charamba.


According to President Robert Mugabe, the First Lady is in South Africa to have her foot examined following a freak accident at the Harare international airport a few weeks ago.

Her two sons are in South Africa where they are allegedly leading a lavish lifestyle.

Sources said that a kicking and screaming Grace Mugabe grabbed the girl by the dreadlocks and with the assistants of her aids they beat her up the girl and shouting vulgar. The source at the scene who we cannot reveal for his safety said the girl tried to fight back and one of the First Lady’s aid was seen drawing out a gun from its holster.

A police cars and another vehicle which looked like an ambulance were seen driving in and out of the property. At the time of going to press, we could not verify if the girl beaten up was the same girl with an American ascent who appeared on video with the younger of President Mugabe son’s Chatunga Bellarmine.

First Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly admitted that her two sons have become wild and have taken to beer binges and drugs.

Grace has publicly expressed her anguish that her two sons were giving her “sleepless nights”.