Firing Zuma will be like a nuclear bomb


African National Congress chief whip in Parliament Jackson Mthembu says voting in favour of removing President Jacob Zuma will cause political instability in South Africa.

Speaking at a briefing on a motion of no confidence vote to be held on August 8‚ Mthembu said removing Zuma would be a bad move for all.

“Voting in favour of this motion will be tantamount to throwing a nuclear bomb on the government of South Africa … It will create so much political instability and uncertainty. This will inadvertently negatively affect the poor and the working class the most‚” he said.


Jackson MthembuMthembu said the ANC shares the anxiety and frustrations that South Africans are feeling about the country.

He added that the party had taken action to deal with some of the bad decisions that have been made in government entities like Eskom and the SABC.