A MABVUKU family who were humiliated by their neighbour LAMECK at their ‘mother’s’ funeral last week has spoken out.

Lameck Makwiramiti Chimoka confronted the Tumba family for ill-treating his daughter Angelica, 21, when their son, Tafadzwa, 21, impregnated her back in 2013.“The whole issue dates back to 2013 when my son impregnated Makwiramiti’s daughter.

Lameck Makwiramiti Chimoka

“The problem was that it was wrongly timed because they sent their daughter in November and our tradition forbids marriage ceremonies to be held that month.

“That is the reason why we sent her back the first time they came and when they came back, I was not around I had travelled with work,” said Regis Tumba, the deceased’s husband.

Tumba denied all the accusations of mistreating Angelica and said Lameck’s funeral drama surprised them.

“All I know is, it was not about the pregnancy, we all understood that this is something that can happen in life, but it was about the kind of person coming into our family.

“The girl had been involved with my son’s friend for a long time which we all knew and now she was claiming to be carrying his child.

“My late wife Olivia informed me that she only told them both to find somewhere to stay since they now considered themselves adults.

“The way Makwiramiti behaved took us by surprise because we least expected it since we seemed to be on good terms all along,” he said.

He also said they are planning to deal with the issue accordingly as a family.

“Makwiramiti acted out of anger and threw some threats at our family that we may end up dying ‘one by one’.

“If not for the fact that we believe in forgiving, we would have taken legal action against them, and besides everyone knows that he is a tough man to deal with.

“I was disappointed because he waited until the funeral to come and humiliate us, we actually pleaded with him to let the people eat after the burial.

“However, right now we are still grieving but I believe after the funeral we will sit down and decide what to do next.

Tumba’s son, Tafadzwa, also said: “I do not have much to say about everything that has happened because at this point I am grief-stricken and stressed.

“The baby is mine and even though we are not really on good terms with Angelica, I know that at some point I will take responsibility of my actions.

“The reason why we haven’t been talking is that these days I am always working and I come home late,” he said.