Fake prophet arrested for duping a disabled man


A Chitungwiza man pretending to be Madzibaba Stephen was on Monday arrested for duping a Mutoko man living with disability of his vehicle and cash.

Elias Goma of Unit L Chitungwiza stands accused of duping Givemore Chimhanda of his vehicle and US$300 claiming that he was Madzibaba Stephen Mugariri with spiritual powers to stop evil spirits from affecting his family.

Elias is alleged to have engaged a couple to lure people looking for Madzibaba Stephen and refer them to him.DRAMA as AFM Pastor LOSES HOOOT Wife to Madzibaba Nyoni

He apologized to the real Madzibaba Stephen upon arrest and pledged to restitute Givemore of some of his money.

“Baba Stephen mundiregererewo handisi tsotsi, ndinokumbirawo zvangu; baba Stephen ndinodzosera mari yaGivemore yaakaisa paecocash chete imwe iyo handiizive,” said Elias.

“My guys are bringing the money for Givemore just now to replace what he gave me,” he added pleading to be spared from arrest.Givemore explained ¬†how he nearly lost his vehicle to Elias saying he took him to his home village and used more money in fuelling his hired vehicle and that of his relatives for a cleansing ceremony.

“My mother smelt a rat and stood her ground refusing to let me leave my vehicle at Elias’ shrine; he said my vehicle had evil spirits,” said Givemore.

“I later discovered that he was the fake Madzibaba Stephen when I decided to verify with a radio presenter after I discovered that he was a drunkard.

“Ndakamuwana akadhakwa uye hapana zvakabatsira pamiteuro yaakaita. I decided to enquire with a radio presenter Tilder Moyo and verified the contact numbers only to discover that he was fake Madzibaba Stephen,” said Givemore.

Elias was called by Givemore to get money for other prayers leading to his arrest and he was taken to St Mary’s police station.

Madzibaba Stephen promised to help Givemore who felt blessed in meeting the real person he believed could help in delivering him from his family problems.

“I am going to pray for Givemore and it is my prayer that fake prophets do not dupe innocent people, it’s sad that Elias never felt sorry in duping a person living with disability,” said Madzibaba Stephen.