Eskom issues alert about Soweto criminals


Criminals posing as Eskom agents are fraudulently going from house-to-house in Soweto collecting Customer Interface Units (CIUs)‚ the electricity utility warned on Friday.

This is the device that enables customers to load their electricity vouchers‚ without which they customer will not be able to load an electricity voucher and will therefore have no electricity until they purchase a new CIU‚” Eskom explained in a statement.

“The community is alerted to be on the lookout for these criminals‚ who are clad in old Eskom uniforms (blue Eskom-branded T-shirts). Official Eskom agents are recognisable by navy blue Eskom-branded golf T-Shirts‚ hat‚ bag and an identification card with that agent’s photo.

“All customers who have received CIUs are liable for the device and are therefore advised not to give away their CIUs to anyone even if an Eskom identification card is produced. CIUs can only be exchanged if a fault has been reported and the customer has a reference number from Eskom.”

Residents can report the syndicate to their nearest police station or the Eskom Contact Centre on 08600 37566 (all hours).