Driver & Hwindi KILL MAN in Kombi over Speed Complaint


A man from Gweru was killed by a kombi crew following a misunderstanding over speed before being dumped in Woodlands high-density suburb in the city, police have confirmed. Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the tragic incident that occurred on Sunday last week when Elisha Muzongowenyi was killed by a yet to be identified kombi crew after he complained that the driver was speeding and endangering lives of passengers. Insp Goko said on the fateful day Muzongowenyi boarded a commuter omnibus from Gweru City Centre together with other passengers going to Woodlands high-density suburb. “While on their way, the driver of the omnibus started speeding and driving recklessly. Muzongowenyi and other passengers then complained to the driver ordering him to reduce his speed but he was adamant. A heated argument ensued resulting in the passengers and the crew exchanging harsh words,” he said.

Insp Goko said some of the passengers dropped off along the way and Muzongowenyi was the last to be dropped off.
He said the kombi crew attacked Muzongowenyi with an iron bar before assaulting him with fists and booted feet.
He said the crew fled the scene after committing the crime.

“The crew attacked Muzongowenyi and left him for dead. He managed to walk home where he narrated the ordeal to his wife. He was rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital where he was admitted,” said Insp Goko.

He said Muzongowenyi died the following day due to the injuries sustained as a result of the assault.
He said the suspect was still at large and police have launched a manhunt for the two.
“We are appealing to anyone with information that might lead to the arrest of the suspects, they should report to the nearest police station,” said Insp Goko.

A relative who spoke on condition of anonymity alleged that Muzongowenyi refused to pay bus fare arguing that the driver and his assistant were being disrespectful to the passengers.

“The real story is that Muzongowenyi refused to pay R5 arguing that they were driving recklessly. This did not go down well with the kombi crew who then pounced on him,” said the relative.