DreamStar Zimbabwe Steps up its Game


When CBZ A Academy prematurely ended after a few amazing seasons nobody ever thought that there would be another talent search show of such magnitude in Zimbabwe. Though that thought pattern has somewhat stood over the years, things are slowly changing with the DreamStar Zimbabwe vision selling tangible dreams to local youth.

DreamStar Zimbabwe will be providing contracts for some of the finalists and winners to perform in China for a full year.

“The four months we carried out the DreamStar 2015 programme in Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces were truly amazing,” said DreamStar Zimbabwe founder, Steve Zivanayi Zhou whilst briefing the media in the capital recently.

dream star zim

“These tours made me realize that Zimbabwe’s cultural side is very rich. Many people know about the Victoria Falls but they know less about the rich artistic talent we have. The youngsters are like diamonds, once developed they will be able to boost the economy of the country.

“With this in mind, we have decided as DreamStar to start building the local arts industry by offering one year contracts to some of the 2015 finalists.

“These youngsters will be working in China for a full year, performing at various places and festivals. This will help market the Zimbabwean arts and culture to the Chinese market and also help these artists develop a living from their gifts.

“We are grateful to the Chinese embassy and other stakeholders who keep supporting us in our initiatives and I want to encourage other corporates’ to come on board and help in developing local talent as art can play a major role in reviving the country’s economy,” revealed Zhou.

Also at the media briefing was award-winning rapper Leonard Mapfumo who is now a fulltime member of the DreamStar Zimbabwe team, he took time to explain the new campaign they have embarked on saying, “We have come up with the Stop Drug Abuse campaign to help curb the use of drugs by the youth as we have realized this is impacting society negatively.

“We will therefore be going into various high density suburbs to push this campaign in partnership with top musicians such as Trevor Dongo, Shinsoman and Yours amongst many others.”