DRAMA as AFM Pastor LOSES HOOOT Wife to Madzibaba Nyoni


A Madzibaba from the Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic sect in Lower Gweru snatched the wife of an AFM pastor. The wife snatcher only identified as Madzibaba Nyoni had been asked for prayers by Bhiri Mamombe’s wife Fungai Mamombe because she had health issues.

Pastor Mamombe who at one point led an AFM assembly in Lower Gweru told B-metro that his wife had only told him she sought spiritual assistance from Madzibaba Nyoni-a well-known prophet in the area.

“She told me she wanted the services of Madzibaba because she was not feeling well .Just like any husband I supported her and sometimes would accompany her to Madzibaba’s shrine for prayers,”said Mamombe.

The Madzibaba got so comfortable that he would visit Mamombe’s homestead for routine prayers.

“Madzibaba Nyoni would come to my home to offer his services.I never at one point became suspicious that the two could be dating.One day when I came from town I found my wife not at home and I decided to follow her to Madzibaba’s home because it was the only place that she frequented,” he said.

DRAMA as AFM Pastor LOSES HOOOT Wife to Madzibaba Nyoni
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Upon reaching Madzibaba’s place the man of the cloth was denied entry into Madzibaba’s house but he insisted to get in.

“When I got to his homestead ,Nyoni denied me entry into his house saying that I should wait for my wife outside since they were in the middle of a prayer session.I insisted to get in telling him that I always that I always allowed him into my house and as such he should allow me into his.Left with no option he allowed me in.

“When I got into the house I found her trying to put on her underwear .I was engulfed with anger ,emotions took over,I wanted to kill someone and at the same moment felt like crying,” he added.

The matter was reported to Headman Lugwalo who demanded that the woman choose between the two men.To everyone ‘s surprise Fungai chose Madzibaba over her legal husband.Contacted for comment Lugwalo confirmed presiding over the matter and ordered Madzibaba to pay two beasts to the pastor for such a shameful act.