DRAMA as 2 hookers fight in Nightclub


A hooker was caged 20 days after she stabbed her colleague on the right breast with a broken bottle during a misunderstanding at a local nite club.

Memory Mutetwa, of ZBS Gaza Township, appeared before magistrate Sharon Chipanga facing charges of assaulting Sarudzai Kumba.

Mutetwa stabbed her colleague on the breast with a broken bottle.

She pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 20 days behind bars.

She was, however, lucky to escape jail after she was given an option to pay a $50 fine.

Asked why she committed the offence, Mutetwa said: “Your Worship I feel bad that I assaulted my colleague. She just reprimanded me and I was supposed to listen to her advice. I ask for leniency.”

“Poverty drove me into prostitution; all my parents died and there is no one to care for me,” she said.

Public Prosecutor, Edith Phiri, told the court that on October 16 at around 0200hrs, Mutetwa and Kumba were partaking beer together at Dzonzai Nite Club.

hookers fighting in a nightclub

The two had a misunderstanding which degenerated into a fist fight.

In a sudden fit of rage, Mutetwa picked an empty beer bottle crushed on the floor and stabbed Kumba on the right breast injuring her in the process.

The two were then restrained by other patrons and police were called leading to Mutetwa’s arrest.