Dr Gideon Gono in FRESH HEAP OF LEGAL POO Sued for $60000


He is in yet another mess…. Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono has been taken to the High Court for failing to pay council rates amounting to $59 615. City of Harare, through its lawyers Gutu and Chikowero Legal Practitioners, issued summons at the High Court claiming the unpaid rates. Dr Gono did not pay for the bill that accrued from 2012 at his property situated at Number 191 Borrowdale Road in Harare.The bill includes water, sewage, refuse removal, property tax and other supplementary charges payable to the local authority.

Council is claiming the debt together with interest, to be calculated from the day of issuance of summons to the date of payment in full.

Dr Gideon Gono in FRESH HEAP OF LEGAL POO Sued for $60000
Zimbabwe central bank governor Gideon Gono speaks at a press conference to discuss the dismissal of the entire board of a local bank, CFX Holdings after it was leaked that the bank had off-loaded 260 billion Zimbabwe dollars of the new currency to buy foreign exchange one day before the notes were legal tender on December 4, 2008 in Harare. Once described as a model economy and a regional breadbasket, Zimbabwe’s economy has collapsed over the past decade and there are now shortages of basic foodstuffs like sugar and cooking oil.

According to the plaintiff’s declaration, Dr Gono acknowledged debt through an e-mail dated April 28 this year.

Part of the letter of acknowledgment reads: “I confirm that I am liable and responsible for the City of Harare rates outstanding and amounting to about $50 000 accrued since 2012 and confirm that I will be able to pay that amount in 12 equal instalments of about $4 200 per month starting from June 1, 2016.”

Dr Gono is yet to respond to the summons.