DJ Zinhle shares her amazing baby weight loss secrets


Six months after giving birth to baby girl Kairo, DJ Zinhle has dropped the kilos and is sporting a toned-down, fit figure.

The DJ and businesswoman shared on her blog, how she had managed to lose the excess baby weight.

Zinhle said she was three kilograms away from her goal weight and had worked hard to maintain her figure.

“I need to be honest with you, there is no shortcut. There is no easy road. Anything worth having won’t come easy,” she said.

“The truth is, there is no secret. Great results come from hard and consistent work so I would like to urge you to rid yourself of the idea that there will be a shortcut.

“Also bear in mind that weight loss and fitness is 20% exercise and 80% diet,” said Zinhle.


She shared her tips which include:

  • Waking up early at 5am for gym from Monday to Friday
  • She spends one hour at gym each day
  • She stays motivated by listening to inspirational talks by people like Oprah, Robin Sharma and TD Jakes
    • Zinhle surrounds herself with like minded people who value fitness and diet
    • She refrains from anything negative such as bad movies, trash talk or uninspiring material
    • Cut out fizzy drinks and unhealthy snacks
    • Don’t skip meals

    Zinhle added that picking the best exercise program for you is important.

    “Find an exercise program online, download an exercise app or find a personal trainer.  I would like to suggest that the program you pick is longer than 45 minutes…Stop being in denial about the bad habits you have been holding on to, they have brought you no positive results so its time to make a change.

    “Just remember, for changes to be of any true value, they have to be lasting and consistent,” she added.