David “Apama” Machowa in SA to Discuss Mr Ugly Africa


ORGANISER of the popular Mr Ugly Zimbabwe pageant David “Apama” Machowa, is in South Africa, where he is expected to meet a number of arts promoters for discussions to host the Mr Ugly Africa pageant in Johannesburg next year.

Speaking to NewsDay from Mzansi, Machowa said the journey to the continental competitions has begun and that his visit to South Africa is to engage interested partners for the inaugural event set for June.

“When I spoke of the Mr Ugly Africa people labelled me overzealous, but that is not. I am a man of my words and preparations for the first-ever continental pageant has just begun,” Machowa said.

“I have secured a number of sponsors and hence it is easy for me to travel to South Africa to meet interested players as well as accessing venues for the event.”

He said Mr Ugly Africa will be hosted in Mzanzi and each African country will provide two of its ugliest contestants, while recently crowned Mr Ugly Zimbabwe Miso Sere and two time winner William Masvinu will represent Zimbabwe at the finals next year.

“After Mr Ugly Africa, we will move to Mr Ugly Europe, Mr Ugly America, Mr Ugly Asia and other continents whose winners will take part in the contest to be held in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Machowa said what he desires is achievable, as he will join hands with event organisers from all over the world, whom he said cannot be publicised for professional reasons.

The Mr Ugly pageant that was held last month in Zimbabwe drew international attention with both local and foreign media covering the humorous event.