Customer complaints continue for Woolies


Yet another unhappy Woolworths customer has taken to their Facebook page displaying a shocking finding inside a pack of Frankfurters.

Anuschka Vorster Nagy‎ posted a picture of pieces of what appear to be plastic inside the Frankfurters onto the Woolworths Facebook page.

In the post she said: “I am a regular customers at Woolies. Imagine my horror when I found this embedded in my Frankfurters. Which by the way is what I give my kids for lunch.

“Logged a complaint on Monday and still to date no action and no collection from Woolies. Shocking!!! Not only is this a health risk but they are meant to be a premium brand store.”

The post garnered widespread support and prompted many to add their own complaints to the fray.

One user, Elize Gibbon, posted on the same comments thread saying: “Not buying at Woolies anymore! Bought meat that went off within a day, took it back and was told by a very arrogant manager that I should buy a cooler bag to put meat in! That was the last straw for me! Fruit and veg are disgusting for the premium they charge!”

Replying Woolworths said: “We’re terribly sorry for disappointing you, Elize. If you have any quality or service issues please contact us directly on We’d be glad to assist.”

Noticing a number of responses from Woolworths online, one user Charmaine Howden said: “It’s amazing how quick they respond the moment you put it out on social media hey? Scared of losing customers Woolworths? Disgusting show from your side!”