Count down to Mugabe’s declared death day


Days seem to be moving fast towards the end of this year 2017 in which it appears the day of President Robert Mugabe’s death is continuing to draw closer according to the prophesy of Pastor Philip Mugadza who already has a pending court case over it.

If what Mugadza said is anything to go by, Mugabe is only left with three months to his death but then many prophets of doom have once declared some dates of the veteran leader’s death which proved to be blatant lies and the now 93 year old leader has managed to go through the declared dates. Its now left to be seen if Mugadza was telling the truth.mugabe-glum

“The lord has told me that President Robert Mugabe will die on October 17 2017,” Mugadza said early this year before he could be arrested over the prophesy.

The president reportedly left for Singapore end of last week where he usually seek medical attention and during most of his visits to the far east many claims have been made that he has died only for him to emerge strong and mocking those who made the claims.

At some point he made sarcastic remarks that “Jesus died once and resurrected once and i have died several times and resurrected many times.”

At some point when a journalists asked him on his arrival from his annual holiday in the far east that reports said he was dead, he said, “Yes i died, but now as you see me i have resurrected.”

Following his visit to the far east last week media reports have since started reported over his health being a cause for concerns on issues of him remaining a head of State and government.