Cop bitten by snake while trying to kill it


A Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) neighbourhood watch is currently admitted at Guruve Hospital after he was bitten by a snake while trying to catch it.

Sources familiar with the incident allege a snake approximately 2m long was seen in Guruve police camp today and the cop tried to kill it with a hoe but was unfortunately bitten on the hand.SNAKE

“The snake was seen in camp and members of the neighbourhood watch tried to kill the snake and it sought refuge in a hole. When Mhungu tried to dig the hole it came out very vicious and bit the cop once on his hand,” said the source.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, General Gwinji, said cases of snake bites are on the increase following the growth of foliage due to recent heavy rains.

“Apparently 38 people have died from snake bites countrywide since January this year, while more than 5,000 others have survived the bites,” he said