Comic Pastor reveals the Real Reasons why he Left Bustop TV


Top Comedian Prosper Ngomashi aka Comic Pastor on the local comedy circuit, has ruled out retracing his footsteps to Bustop TV Productions, following a dramatic fallout with management after he was left out of the Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime’s Harare show in August this year.

Hundreds of fans recently called for his return via social media, but the comedian told NewsDay yesterday that his departure was final because he felt the Bustop TV management did not value his input.

Comic Pastor“We had a misunderstanding (and) that is why I left and the truth is I am not going back there. I felt I was not good enough for them, since their name is bigger than mine and they had a reputation to protect. So I decided to leave,” he said.

The production’s co-founder and producer, Lucky Aaroni, confirmed that some fans were calling for the Comic Pastor’s return, but the circumstances did not warrant it.

“It’s normal when people want a certain character to come back. It happens when someone leaves. Everyone has their favourite, and for us, it (Ngomashi’s departure) was a setback, but so far, there are no arrangements for him to come back,” he said.

Ngomashi shot to fame after his humorous skit on social media, Shamhu, went viral in in 2015, after which he released several other skits that became favourites of social media users.

Having become a household name in the country, Ngomashi joined Bustop TV Productions, where he featured alongside Sharon Chideu, known as Maggie, and Samantha Kureya, who is popularly recognised as Gonyeti, in the production.

Ngomashi is said to have announced his “divorce” from the production house after losing the opportunity to rub shoulders with Ugandan “queen of comedy” Kansiime on stage when she performed in the country.