Comedian loses two more teeth


Local comedian Zibozizodwa, known for his vulgar jokes, seems to be on a mission to lose all his teeth and it’s not a joke.

Early last year the comedian lost two of his incisors (upper teeth) when he was hit by a snooker ball during a game at a city bar.

A scuffle at Palace Hotel on Saturday last week added to the number of lost teeth.

He was pummelled by a fellow imbiber under unclear circumstances.



Tinashe, a bartender there said the scuffle was too quick for them to intervene and didn’t last long although the damage was done.

“Within seconds Zibozizodwa was lying on the ground holding his mouth. That’s when we realised that next to him there was a bloody tooth. He rushed out of the bar holding his bleeding mouth,” he said.

When contacted for comment, Zibozizodwa insisted he did nothing wrong but he lost a tooth.

“I don’t even know the guy. He just attacked me from nowhere. As you can see I lost my teeth and I am now looking ugly. This is going to affect my career,” fumed Zibozizodwa.

But the bartender suspects that Zibozizodwa was wrong.

“We never got to the bottom of the issue, but I suspect that Zibozizodwa said something to the guy that really upset him. Before we knew it, fists were flying all over,” he said