Comedian Gonyeti to play Olinda in Stunner’s break-up video


While his much publicised union with Olinda is now on its last legs, rapper Stunner has not yet tired of milking the saga for all the publicity it’s worth as he has recruited comedian Samantha-Kureya aka Gonyeti to play his ex-wife Olinda in an upcoming video.

As their feud played out on Facebook Live in early January, Stunner released the song Ndoenda featuring Guspy Warrior which many assumed was an attempt to capitalise on the publicity surrounding his marital feud with Olinda.Samantha-Kureya

With the dispute between the two at its peak, the lyrics of the song were dissected by many on social media, with some thinking they were a clear indication that the two were headed for a split.

Two months later, after countless public spates, the two are separated, with Olinda even returning to her UK base.

Stunner for his part, has seen the funny part of their marital disharmony, enlisting Gonyeti to play his wife in the video for Ndoenda.

“Thank you very much to this super talented and amazing lady aka Gonyeti. The Ndoenda shoot went well acting yacho too good kana ndega ndakapinda fear,” Stunner posted on his Facebook this week.

Three weeks ago, the rapper had asked Zimbabweans to vote for who they think would best play Olinda in the video which he hopes will tell his side of the story as vividly as her former beau used Facebook Live to tell hers.