Chris Mutsvangwa – “Mugabe a mentally unstable leader”


Chris Mutsvangwa, the War veterans leader,said that President Robert Mugabe is a mentally unstable leader who was relying on the military to remain in power.

According to, he was addressing a panel discussion at the Harare Press Club on Friday evening.mugabe-glum

In his address, the former war veterans’ minister reserved superfluous praise for the country’s military adding that it was through the armed forces that Zimbabwe has not degenerated into civil unrest as a result of its myriad problems.

“There is nowhere a person who is 93 years old rules in comfort. Even when you know that at 93, you eventually begin to mentally lapse; and when you are still in power, you have got to respect the state apparatus,” Mutsvangwa said while tracing back the Zimbabwe National Army to its formative stages at independence, off the Zanla and Zipra and Rhodesian forces.

“I told Morgan Tsvangirai, MDC-T leader while forming the MDC, I had the courage to see in 1999 when he was bragging that ‘we are now there’ and I told him ‘you are nowhere yet until you come to terms with the State’ because if you want to challenge the State it means you have to have the courage to die to challenge it, the State survives on its own, it’s an organism; if you don’t know, then you don’t know your political science.

“Trump is having headaches with the State in America.”