Chitungwiza traffic Cop thoroughly BEATEN by villagers at Roadblock


A man from Seke appeared in court on Friday for allegedly leading other villagers in beating a Chitungwiza traffic cop in revenge after he was assaulted at a roadblock for failing to obey the policeman’s instructions.

The cops had reportedly mounted a road block in the middle of a bush in the village.

Constable Colleen Muhoma of Zengeza 4 in Chitungwiza together with Assistant Inspector Tapfumanei, Sergeant Nyambuya and Constable Nyoni, were deployed at Mabika Turn-Off recently.

The court heard that Bobs Chirume (54) of Chitsvatsva Village was driving his vehicle, a Toyota Gaia towards his home.

On approaching Cst Muhoma, Chirume was asked to slow down, but stopped 20 metres after passing the road block.

This did not go down well with Cst Muhoma who demanded to see his driver’s licence.

Chirume failed to produce it and Cst Muhoma demanded to impound the vehicle.

Sensing trouble, Chirume reportedly produced the licence and later drove towards his homestead.

Later more villagers emerged.

Chirume with the assistance of a another passenger in his car, allegedly dragged Cst Muhoma and punched him.

The irate villagers also allegedly joined in the scuffle and took turns to assault Cst Muhoma.

Appearing before Chitungwiza magistrate Mrs Rekina Dzikiti, Chirume denied charges of resisting arrest.

He was remanded out of custody to Wednesday for trial continuation.

Chirume through his lawyer Mr Phillip Hamunakwadi of Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers said, “The complainant (Cnst Muhoma) is fabricating the allegations as I never assaulted him. I stay in Chitsvatsva Village and on that day was driving towards my gate in a dust road when I was shocked to see him appearing from a bush,” said Chirume.

Chirume said he stopped, leading to Cst Muhoma opening his car door, grabbing and pulling him outside before he started assaulting him.

This attracted the ire of the villagers who rushed to the scene and assaulted Cst Muhoma for staging a road block in the bush.

Chirume said he drove to the police station to report that there were bogus officers in the village who had harassed and assaulted him.