Chitungwiza sculptor Tendai Chareka has HONOURED CECIL THE LION


A Chitungwiza sculptor has honoured the lion, Cecil, which was killed by the American dentist. Tendai Chareka said Cecil was now part of Zimbabwe’s history. Chareka who is an artist at Chitungwiza Art Centre said :”There was a lot of noise after this lion was killed and I thought it was necessary for me to carve a piece remembering the lion,” he said.

Though he never saw the lion, the pictures posted on various media platforms were enough to give him an idea of how it looked like.

cecil the lion

“I saw the pictures on several media platforms but it took me time to find a stone that produces a perfect piece,” he said.

He managed to get a springstone in Mvurwi in July and has been working on the piece to date. “The work will take time because I want it to be perfect.

This is the second month of work on the piece and I hope to finish it soon,” he said. His gallery is full of carvings of wild animals that are of the same size as the real creatures. “You have to love the animal first.

You study it so that your piece becomes informative. You don’t just carve a stone without proper knowledge of the animal,” he said.