Chief Seke threatens to enforce HIV testing


Chief Seke born Stanley Chimanikire, has urged members of his community to participate in the ongoing door-to-door HIV and Aids testing programme so that they get to know their status early.

Speaking during the launch of the Village to Village I Know My HIV Status campaign at his homestead in Seke, the chief said it was a great opportunity for his subjects to get tested and know their statuses.

“I will ask for permission to carry out a door-to-door testing and if you run away, we will fish you out during the night,” he warned.

The campaign, dubbed V2V, is in line with the UNAids fast-track targets on HIV prevention that are aimed at ending Aids by 2030.

These include reducing new infections to 500 000 and 200 000 by 2021 and 2030 respectively.

By 2020, it is hoped that 90% of people will know their HIV statuses, 90% are on treatment and 90% of them with viral suppression.

These fast-track targets have now been coined “90-90-90 goals”.

“For now, we are not forcing you, but I urge families to really consider going for HIV testing.

It is the only way we can end this disease,” the chief said.

Speaking at the same event, Southern Africa HIV and Aids Information Dissemination Service director Lois Chingandu said the traditional leaders had a huge role in facilitating dialogue on HIV testing and services.

“That is why we have launched this campaign at the chief’s homestead because the leaders are the custodians of this initiative” Chingandu said.