Cheating couple privates got stuck together


An amorous pair of cheating lovers from Mbizo suburb in Kwekwe was publicly shamed after they allegedly got stuck together during a se_x romp.

The se_xy rendezvous which ended in agony when the couple’s ge_nitals got stuck together in a passionate clinch could be a case of suspected ulunyoka/ runyoka. The lovers were said to be from Mbizo Section 1, popularly known as Old Mbizo in Kwekwe.Caught red handed

The man was reportedly unable to extricate himself from the woman, only identified as mai Tino after he had feasted on her se_xual goodies. News being thrown around is that mai Tino’s husband, whose name could not be confirmed, is an international truck driver and was in Zambia when the drama took place.

According to the woman’s neighbor, who spoke on condition of anonymity, before the unfortunate incident the two lovebirds had been seeing each other for a long time.

Unable to control the pain that came with their embarrassing situation, both lovers let out loud yells that attracted neighbors.

We heard the two screaming for help and when we rushed to witness what was happening we were shocked when we forced open the door and saws the two writhing in agony while stuck together,” said a source who requested anonymity.

The source said they then used one of the neighbors’ vehicle to rush them to Old Mbizo clinic where they were admitted.Scores of people were milling around to see the shamed lovers who were reportedly still locked together.

Although Mbizo clinic sister-in-charge, Winnie Muderedzwa downplayed the incident saying they had not attended to such matter, sources insisted that the two were admitted to the health institution and were hidden in a staff toilet where they were locked in to avoid the public shame.

One of the officials at the clinic also confided in that the two were sneaked out of the facility after nurses advised them to seek help from traditional healers.