Chaos as Church Women FIGHT for Anointed Condoms


There was chaos and drama at the controversial Pastor Paul Sanyangore’s church when scores of women stampeded to grab boxes of ‘anointed condoms’ from the man of God. Women almost caused a stampeded trying to get their hands on ‘anointed’ condoms prayed for by Pastor Paul Sanyangore.
Well respected women of the church were seen pushing and shoving each other racing to the pastor.

Sanyangore said he did not bring the condoms to church but one member brought them.

“I once prophesied  to a certain  woman that her husband would return two years after his mysterious disappearance.

Anointed condom

“I am not sure when but during the week, the husband called her telling her that he would be coming back home.

“She came to church and during prayer time she took them (condoms) out and handed them to my assistant asking if they were okay to use when her husband returns.”

He added “I saw nothing wrong in her using them with her husband after two years of absence. Who knows what he was doing there so it is better to be safe.

“When I prayed for the condoms, some women came out and wanted to have them”.

He added that his church has a prayer clinic for men struggling in bed.

“We have a prayer house, we call it It spiritual clinic and we usually help men who have challenges in the bedroom, this has nothing to do with condoms”.