Businessman Wicknell Chivayo SPENDS more than 31000 POUNDS in 10 DAYS


Zimbabwe Businessman Wicknell Chivayo has spent more than £500 on lingerie for his girlfriend in London. He spent £533 in Victoria Secrets. He has not yet revealed who this special woman is.

He said : “What a sad morning it is, I just realised my last trip I spent 31 thousand pounds in 10 days. God spoils me that’s why I spend knowing he will replace it ten fold.

Always remember if you don’t understand the price of something , it’s probably not meant for you. They say to me money doesn’t buy you happiness and I always say to them neither does being broke.

wicknell chivayo shoes
Wicknell showing off his shoes

If money isn’t everything please go work at Chicken Slice. Your mind should be on checking and savings not gossip and hating. It is inevitable that we all go through some unpleasant experiences in life.

Events won’t turn out how we hoped for , but why should we exhale those frustrations on others. From a practical perspective it doesn’t make much sense to me.

The heavier the burden the harder it is for you to move on with your life in both the physical and spiritual sense. Let’s all move forward. Don’t we have place to go ? Do we gain anything by holding on to negative events we went through ?

Life is so much bigger than petty words our neighbour said to us or the insulting comment our sibling said the other day. We have a more important journey and nothing can slow us down if we remain focused.