Breaking News: ‘Uber’ Driver Attacked By Passenger


The incident took place East Town on Milner street in the early hours of Sunday morning. The taxi driver is reported to be an Uber driver.

A taxi driver from a private taxi company has sustained serious chemical burns after he was assaulted early on Sunday, paramedics said in a statement.

ER24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak explained that the driver was found on the side of the road by paramedics and members of a local security company at around 2am.

“He had sustained severe chemical burns to his face and hands. According to the man, he arrived at his drop-off location and was assaulted by his passenger and thrown liquid substance was thrown onto him.

“He was treated on scene and rushed off to a nearby hospital for further care. He was in a serious condition when paramedics transported him to hospital.”

Vermaak said that the exact circumstances surrounding the incident will be investigated by the police.