Brazilian Woman who has 13 sons says she won’t STOP until she gets a Daughter


Irineu Cruz and Jucicleide Silva are couple in Brazil, They have 13 sons from their 20-year marriage and all the sons are named after famous footballers whose names begin with the letter ‘R’ – Jucicleide said she will not stop trying until she has a daughter.

Irineu Cruz, a 40-year-old farmer, and Jucicleide Silva are a happy couple in Brazil. They have been trying for a daughter for almost 20 years but have only had sons. Their sons are now 13 in number and range from a one month to an 18-year-old.

brazilThey decided that Jucicleide would name all the female children and her husband, Irineu will name all the male children. So far, only Irineu has been enjoying from that decision as all their children are male. Irineu decied to name their sons after famous footballers whose names start with the letter R. He said: “I’ve always admired players like Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, all the best footballers seemed to have a name beginning with R, so I decided to name my sons after them.”

The names of their sons are as follows: Robson (18), Reinan (17), Rauan (15), Rubens (14), Rivaldo (13), Ruan (12), Ramon (10), Rincon (9), Riquelme (7), Ramires (5), Railson (3), Rafael (2) and Ronaldo, (1 month old).

Jucicleide has not given up hope and will keep trying for a daughter.