Bonang’s plans to take over the business world


Ever since we’ve known Bonang Matheba ¬†she’s always said that she’s aware that her ‘it’ girl status could end at any moment. Queen B, who has reach across TV and radio, has often spoken about how she looks up to moguls like Basetsana Kumalo, who branched out into the business side of the entertainment industry, building herself a powerful empire.

And clearly 2016 is the year that we finally begin to see all the pieces fall into place. Speaking to Sunday Times, Bonang confirmed that she is taking the behind-the-scenes role very seriously. “I am in the final stages of talks to buy the rights to one of the biggest US TV lifestyle shows. It’s exciting coming this far in my career, and in managing my finances – still being able to attract the money and identify ways to expand that income.”

Sources close to Bonang say that she is very aware that people believe her star power will lose its shine, and this move is just one of a host of big plans that is on her 2016 list. “She’s very business savvy. She always has been. She thinks long-term and is strategic in her decisions. Of course things get to her – she’s human. She does, at times, get very affected by it all, but on the whole she’s focussed on business this year.”

Well, damn. Her friends are about to get a whole lot more spoilt. Oh, and bae of course.