The book became a talking point on social media after users pointed out that Bonang’s birthday was published as 24 June, when it’s actually 25 June.

Queen B was ready for a stunning launch of her book, Bonang: From A to B, but social media posts slammed the autobiography for its “grammatical errors”.

Twitter users also shared screenshots of a page where words were missing.

At the posh Sandton City launch, the publisher of BlackBird Books, Thabiso Mahlape, told the press she was at fault.

“I take full responsibility for what happened. The last thing I want is for black people to be accused of mediocrity and I should do better.

“It’s on me as the publisher. I ought to have done better,” she said.

Thabiso explained that she wrote the line that included Bonang’s birth date and 24 June stuck in her head because Queen B had initially planned to have her birthday party on that date.

“It was my mistake. I wrote that line and it went through all the various processes – and no one noticed. It happens,” she added.

Thabiso challenged critics to point out the grammatical errors.According to her, there are only two pages with mistakes.

But the social media fiasco didn’t take any shine off Bonang’s glittering launch at the luxurious Diamond Walk in Jozi.

For her, it was a special occasion. And instead of dwelling on the errors, she spoke about her journey through life with pride.

Queen B was quoted as saying: “We will be the sacrificial lambs. We will take the rubbish, so that those [black girls] who come after us don’t have to.”